GOTYGame of the Year
GOTYGreyhound of the Year (dog racing)
GOTYGear of the Year (Maximum PC Magazine)
GOTYgetting older, thinking younger
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As with most GOTY reboots, if you've already played the first release, the extra content probably won't be enough to commit a second time, but if you missed out first time round, it's an essential purchase.
Meanwhile, in the charts this week, Lego Batman 2, London 2012 and The Amazing Spider-Man held on to their respective gold, silver and bronze positions, while Dead Island: GOTY Edition nudged up one place from five to four.
Cranium Hullabaloo, the 2003 TIA GOTY award winner, received the prestigious award a second time.
Dead Island: GOTY Edition was the week's highest new entry at five, sending FIFA 12 spinning two places down to seven.