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GOZGovernment of Zimbabwe
GOZGovernment of Zanzibar
GOZGirlz of Zaetar (band)
GOZGoal-Oriented Zoning (software)
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While GOZ itself is extremely dangerous, because it looks for banking and financial information on an infected host, its ability to download and install other malware, routinely CryptoLocker, makes it especially treacherous.
While GOZ and CryptoLocker are undeniably an enormous problem for consumers worldwide, their effect on organisations from small businesses through to enterprises and public sector bodies is just as serious.
users were warned they had two weeks to protect their computers before the GOZ
The GOZ, however, still needs to adequately criminalize money laundering and terrorist financing, and establish and implement procedures to adequately identify and freeze terrorist assets to effectively implement UNSCRs 1267 and 1373.
The GOZ should become a party to the UN International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.
According to the Governor of the RBZ, the GOZ has been working throughout 2006 on legislation to address problems with cybersecurity and cybercrime, including money laundering via electronic means.
The Bank has experience and comparative advantage on the continent and the SADC region in particular in transport sector strategic planning and in this respect will be able to support the GOZ both financially and technically to prepare a plausible transport master plan taking into account intermodal linkages.
For this technical assistance, one individual consultants will be mobilized for GOZ.
The billing private medical services is in compliance with all legal requirements (for example GOEa GOZ HNTVO, KHG, etc.