GOSAGeyser Observation and Study Association (est. 1983)
GOSAGovernment of South Africa
GOSAGun Owners of South Africa
GOSAGroton Open Space Association (Groton, CT)
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Some species of Sarcophagidae have been categorized as parasites, found in different anuran families (see GOSA et al.
Bridesmaids included Suzanne Henry Moore, Olivia Philips Gosa, and Kimberly Kizer Pugh.
Although Kamasan artists believe that the paintings at the Kerta Gosa are part of a much older tradition, the earliest reference to the painted ceilings dates to 1849, during the joint reign of Dewa Agung Isteri Kanya and Dewa Agung Putra II (Vickers 1991).
Shrivastava, while acquitting the 61 accused, gave the benefit of doubt to 51, including former BJP MLA Prahlad Gosa and Visnagar municipality president Dahya Patel.
Srivastava acquitted 61 accused in the case, including former Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) MLA Prahlad Gosa and ex-municipal president of BJP Dayabhai Patel.
17) Sua carta veio encher minh'alma de alegria, de saber que voce esta bem, feliz e contente, e tambem saber noticias de nossa Mae querida, que gosa davida intima com Deus nosso Senhor
So far, the GOS have been saved from extinction by the devotion of farmers who work together through the association in charge of registering the stock, the GOSA.
During Jennifer Muller/The Works company classes, dancer Duane Gosa says, "I always use a wood foot roller when my feet cramp up, so I can focus on the combinations and not on my foot pain.
The GOSA should fully implement the new law against terrorist activity and terrorist financing.
Margie Gosa Shivers; ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH; MGS Publishing (Mystery) $13.
10- Este Puertto, la Ysla, y los Yndios es encomienda, que gosa el Marquez de Lara, senor de Amusco, el que lo arrienda annualmente, y esta en Ochocientos cinquenta pesos, que por especial privilegio, lo cobran los Ofiziales Reales de la Caja de Arica.