GPAAGold Prospector's Association of America
GPAAGlaucoma Primario de Ángulo Abierto
GPAAGulf Ports Association of the Americas (port authority association; US and Mexico)
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Existen otros factores de riesgo, como los pacientes con miopias mayores a 6,00 dioptrias, la edad, entre otros; asi mismo, se esta estudiando la influencia de la diabetes mellitus en la aparicion del GPAA (6,12,13).
A traves de esta busqueda, se encontraron mas de 200 articulos pertinentes para la investigacion, de los cuales se seleccionaron 63 escritos que cumplieran los siguientes criterios de seleccion: titulo relacionado directamente con el tema genetica del GPAA; resumen conciso y claro, que evidenciara el aporte academico para nuestro tema, y, finalmente, resultados y discusion con analisis de los distintos autores respecto a los genes involucrados en el GPAA.
Os pacientes diagnosticados com GPAA e maiores de 18 anos, que passavam em consulta de rotina, foram escolhidos aleatoriamente e convidados a participar da pesquisa.
Para analise dos dados, os pacientes foram divididos em dois grupos: Grupo A--composto por 51 pacientes com GPAA, com uso de um ou dois tipos diferentes de colirios para tratamento do glaucoma e Grupo B--composto por 51 pacientes com GPAA, com uso de mais de dois tipos diferentes de colirios para tratamento de glaucoma.
On 1 December, officials from Murle ethnic tribe, serving either in Jonglei state and GPAA said the community was going to organize a meeting in which the contestants for governorship of the new state would ?
Moreover, Zugulu indicated that, till now, the office of the president had not written a formal letter asking GPAA to submit the list of nominees for the position of the governorship in the new Boma state.
Other prominent and elderly people will overpower him, but I am not saying he is a bad one, if the president appoints him, so be it," observed a diplomat on Monday who worked for GPAA.
The GPAA information minister, Sam David said his government had established a an effective mechanism to manage cross border criminals.
He said the frequency of cattle raiding by some criminals from Murle has decreased and life was getting back to normalcy, courtesy of the efforts of GPAA chief administrator with the state government.
GPAA also sells products and services related to recreational gold prospecting and is the publisher of the Gold Prospector magazine.
Early this month, the GPAA under David Yauyau's leadership, returned four abducted children who were reunited with their parents.
The semi-autonomous GPAA came into effect after president Salva Kiir signed into law a peace accord recognising its formation following a peace agreement reached with South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) Cobra Faction, then headed by Yauyau.