GPAAGold Prospector's Association of America
GPAAGlaucoma Primario de Ángulo Abierto
GPAAGulf Ports Association of the Americas (port authority association; US and Mexico)
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On 1 December, officials from Murle ethnic tribe, serving either in Jonglei state and GPAA said the community was going to organize a meeting in which the contestants for governorship of the new state would ?
Moreover, Zugulu indicated that, till now, the office of the president had not written a formal letter asking GPAA to submit the list of nominees for the position of the governorship in the new Boma state.
Peace among Murle communities and with their neighbours was one of the major targets the GPAA is working to achieve, according to the security advisor.
We are pleased that Tom Massie will be able to maintain the long heritage of the Massie family with GPAA and LDMA.
Other prominent and elderly people will overpower him, but I am not saying he is a bad one, if the president appoints him, so be it," observed a diplomat on Monday who worked for GPAA.
The GPAA information minister, Sam David said his government had established a an effective mechanism to manage cross border criminals.
The GPAA was created following the 9 May, 2014 peace agreement the Yauyau-led South Sudan Democratic Forces-Cobra faction signed with South Sudan government.
GPAA also sells products and services related to recreational gold prospecting and is the publisher of the Gold Prospector magazine.
Yau Yau was later appointed the chief administrator of the GPAA.
The release of children reportedly took place in Labrab, a village in the GPAA.
During the ceremony conducted in the GPAA, the children handed in their weapons and uniforms for civilian clothes, UNICEF disclosed.
GPAA was established per a peace agreement last year between the former rebel leader David Yau Yau and the government, granting the ethnically Murle-dominated area a special administrative status under the presidency in Juba.