GPAPGoing Platinum Affiliate Program (trademark of Yahoo)
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6,7,9-11,17,18,22-27) Furthermore, use of GPAP has been shown to result in less gingival erosion than hand instrumentation or NaHC[O.
18) Pelka et al found the smallest root surface damage depths and volume losses with the use of GPAP compared to NaHC[O.
The parties have agreed that following closing, GPAP will act as the preferred strategic provider of card merchant acquiring services for HSBC in the Asia-Pacific region.
Green Purchasing Accredited Professional training encompasses diverse training tools and provides an efficient framework for use of green procurement standards and eco-labels, industry-specific standards and certification programs, and multiple- and single-attribute eco-labels The six modules are supplemented by case studies, and participants are required to pass a comprehensive, 56-question exam in order to be accredited and use the GPAP designation.
The first class of GPAPs includes property managers, sourcing specialists, and designers.
Each GPAP company is widely recognized today as a "next-generation" technology market leader offering "best-of-breed" programs to enterprise or service provider customers.
But most importantly, it ensures GTP's clients comprehensive objectivity on design and implementation as it is reinforced by GTP's long-standing policy not to accept referral fees or financial incentives from the companies through this GPAP program.