GPEPGeneral Professional Education of the Physician (Association of American Medical Colleges; Washington, DC)
GPEPGeneral Practice Evaluation Program (Australia)
GPEPGrains Production Enhancement Program (Department of Agriculture; Philippines)
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In keeping with the GPEP Report, PBL teaches information-seeking and problem-solving skills rather than reliance on rote memorization.
Two reports of the Association of American Medical Colleges in 1984, Physicians for the Twenty-First Century (the GPEP Report), and the Symposium on Medical Informatics in 1986, both recognized that students must become lifelong learners.
Physicians for the Twenty-first Century: The GPEP Report Report of the Panel on the General Professional Education of the Physician and College Preparation for Medicine).
Nonetheless, the literature of health sciences librarianship includes little research to support recommendations about what knowledge and skills are required to function in the environment so compellingly described by leading information professionals, the GPEP studies, and the several reports of the Medical Library Association.
The GPEP report addressed the full spectrum of undergraduate medical education.