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GPERGross Primary Enrollment Ratio (education statistic)
GPERGeneral Plant Equipment Requirement
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Junqueira (2010), contudo, adota uma tendencia oposta ao considerar as constatacoes dessa pesquisa como uma forma de 'preconceito contra profissionais' que vem se empenhado para tornar o ensino religioso o mais proximo possivel dos preceitos legais--entre esses profissionais, inclui-se o proprio autor e os membros do GPER.
Assim, o posicionamento do GPER e marcadamente favoravel ao ensino religioso--nao necessariamente ao modelo confessional--como um 'conteudo importante' nao apenas para a 'formacao' do individuo, mas como um 'fomentador do dialogo' entre culturas e tendencias diferentes--em resposta ao simulacro dos defensores da laicizacao, cuja FD aponta o contrario--e, sobretudo, um 'direito' do educando.
Bisphenol A induces gene expression changes and proliferative effects through GPER in breast cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts.
As expected HepG2 cells did not express ER[alpha] or ER[beta], however GPER was detected (data not shown).
A small upregulation of GPER expression was observed in response to all three phytoestrogens in contrast to the down regulation of ER[alpha].
In the present study, we demonstrate that gene expression changes and growth effects induced by atrazine in ovarian cancer cells rely on both GPER and ER[alpha].
The short hairpin RNA (shRNA) constructs used to knock down the expression of GPER and CTGF (connective tissue growth factor) and the unrelated shRNA control constructs have been described previously (Pandey et al.
Specific pharmacological inhibitors and gene-silencing procedures were used to show that BPA induces the expression of the GPER target genes c-FOS, EGR-1, and CTGF through the GPER/EGFR/ERK transduction pathway in SKBR3 breast cancer cells and CAFs.
CONCLUSIONS: Results indicate that GPER is involved in the biological action elicited by BPA in breast cancer cells and CAFs.
For receptor subtype identification, we treated cells with ERa versus ER[alpha] versus GPER analogs for 5 min before assay of phosphorylated ERK (pERK).
EWMC attempted to cancel its sales agreement with GPERS on June 29, contending that GPERS had not met its deadline to sell a tire reduction system (EWMC Model 3000) within 120 days of the contract signing.
Co-defendant in the legal action filed by GPERS is Exxadon Technology Corporation (EXDN-Z; EXDNF-L) a public company trading over the counter on the Dealers Network in Toronto.