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GPIDGrants Pass Irrigation District (Oregon)
GPIDGoals, Processes and Indicators of Development (UN University)
GPIDGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement
GPIDGerman Portal of Irish Dancing (website)
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members of the GPID board of directors and water users throughout the
251) As with the GPID situation in Oregon, see supra note 197 and accompanying text, the settlement could be derailed if electrons at the irrigation district change the district's willingness to continue to participate in the process.
MODI Telecom's Motorola GPID systems are in full compliance with the Department of Telecom's (DOT) requirements, and have been certified by the Telecom Engineering Center (TEC), the certifying authority of DOT in India.
Kunming PTB's recent purchase of Motorola's FLEX paging infrastructure equipment is another testimony to Motorola's GPID commitment to provide customer with the latest technology in paging," said Joe Krystofik, vice president and director of operations for Motorola's Global Paging Infrastructure Division (GPID) -- Asian Operations based in Hong Kong.
Motorola GPID has worked with satellite companies such as SpaceCom to incorporate satellite distribution directly to the paging transmitters for wide-area paging systems.
According to Chuck Rauch, director of operations, Motorola GPID, "The Nucleus design allowed Motorola to integrate all functional modules used at transmitter sites including network interface control units and downlink satellite receivers into one compact product.
GPID will continue to provide advanced messaging services equipment for one-way paging networks under the direction of Iain Morris.