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GPIDGrants Pass Irrigation District (Oregon)
GPIDGoals, Processes and Indicators of Development (UN University)
GPIDGuiding Principles on Internal Displacement
GPIDGerman Portal of Irish Dancing (website)
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The new division will share a new 375,000 facility with GPID, currently under construction, immediately adjacent to Motorola's existing facility in Fort Worth.
The actions of the Commission and NMFS gave GPID little alternative
251) As with the GPID situation in Oregon, see supra note 197 and accompanying text, the settlement could be derailed if electrons at the irrigation district change the district's willingness to continue to participate in the process.
MODI Telecom's engineering and management personnel have been trained to operate and maintain their Motorola GPID paging equipment, through a unique program Motorola offered to newly licensed paging providers in India.
Motorola GPID has worked with satellite companies such as SpaceCom to incorporate satellite distribution directly to the paging transmitters for wide-area paging systems.