GPIFGovernment Pension Investment Fund (Japan)
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GPIF, which is believed to be the first institutional investor in Japan to sue Toshiba over the scandal, increased its exposure to shares in 2014, when it decided to double its allocation of equities to cut dependence on low-yield government bonds - a move that promised greater returns but also increased risk.
The proposed reforms would help shift GPIF towards riskier investments like stocks and away from low-yielding Japanese government bonds.
While Ito's advisory group overstated the risks from owning local bonds, the fund will need to reduce its holdings at some point, said Mitani, a former executive director at the BOJ, who has headed GPIF since 2010.
In the April-June quarter, the GPIF posted a gain of 1.
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To address these gaps, as a first step the World Bank Group and GPIF will develop a joint research program that will explore practical solutions for integrating sustainability considerations into fixed income portfolios.
com/articles/japan-mega-pension-to-shift-to-stocks-1414720683) portfolio reshuffle announced last October, GPIF had 38.
GPIF pension fund investment assets totaled 108,129.
The GPIF was established in fiscal 2001, and many of the cumulative losses in its portfolio were inherited from the old Nempuku.
GPIF II enables FX3 to interfaces directly with any processors, ASIC, FPGA, and up to two image sensors.
The GPIF has stated that the investment outcome for a single year will not instantly result in the reduction of pension payments.