GPIFGovernment Pension Investment Fund (Japan)
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The proposed reforms would help shift GPIF towards riskier investments like stocks and away from low-yielding Japanese government bonds.
In the April-June quarter, the GPIF posted a gain of 1.
Cypress, the Cypress logo, EZ-USB, PSoC, CapSense, TrueTouch, and West Bridge are registered trademarks and FX3 and GPIF are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
GPIF pension fund investment assets totaled 108,129.
The GPIF was established in fiscal 2001, and many of the cumulative losses in its portfolio were inherited from the old Nempuku.
1-410-772-2449, or Virginia Spencer of GPIF, +1-580-353-2364, for Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
MSCI ESG Research will provide background analysis to GPIF on the impact of stewardship codes, corporate governance standards, and the integration of ESG factors into the investment decision-making process.
The GPIF is the world's largest public pension fund by the amount of invested assets, and the recommendation will likely prompt other large funds to further consider such factors as human rights abuses and climate change when investing their reserves.
The purpose of the GPIF is to develop systems that will lead to the commercialization of a coal gasification technology for the production of electric power.
GPIF II enables the FX3 controller to interface directly to a variety of application processors, ASICs or FPGAs.
GPIF II allows FX3 to communicate directly with application processors, FPGAs, storage media, and image sensors and provides a data transfer rate of up to 400 Megabytes per second, while using lower power than alternative solutions.