GPMLGlobal Programme Against Money Laundering (UN Office on Drugs and Crime)
GPMLGaussian Processes for Machine Learning (book)
GPMLGreat Plains Math League
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GPMLGenMAPP Pathway Markup Language
GPMLGeneralized Perfectly-Matched Layer
GPMLGeneral-Purpose Modeling Language (computing artificial language)
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Christopher Batt, the AML/CFT regional advisor of GPML in the Mekong zone, has been involved in the project's Mekong efforts since May 2009.
GPML has seen results with some big policy changes taking place.
government or GPML, work directly with host governments to assist in the creation, implementation, and enforcement of AML/CFT measures.
In 2015, GPML provided long-term assistance in the development of AML/CFT programs to 66 jurisdictions.
During 2014, GPML employed three mentors, one of which is shared with the World Bank.
In 2013, GPML provided long-term assistance in the development of
In addition to providing funding to GPML to place a residential mentor in Dakar, Senegal, to assist those member states of GIABA that have enacted the necessary legislation to develop FIUs, INL worked with the mentor to determine priorities and develop opportunities and programs.
In many countries, GPML mentors are the only locally placed AML/CFT experts, hence they are heavily relied upon by local offices of donor countries and organizations for advice in the creation and delivery of other donor AML/CFT projects.
GPML also continued its partnership with the StAR initiative and Europol's Camden Asset Recovery Inter-agency Network (CARIN), and furthered its assistance to the operational development of other professional asset forfeiture networks, namely the ARINSA in Southern Africa and the Red de la Recuperation de Activos de GAFISUD (RRAG) in South America.
GPML elaborated an ambitious program to make international action against the proceeds of crime and illegal financial flows more effective.
In 2009, on the same principle as the FIU Analyst Course, GPML also developed a Financial Investigation Course that aims to provide an opportunity for investigators to develop their knowledge and skills in financial investigation and to raise awareness of terrorist financing and money-laundering methods.
The GPML is the focal point for anti-money laundering within the UN system and a key player in strengthening efforts to counter the financing of terrorism efforts.