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GPRAGovernment Performance and Results Act of 1993
GPRAGouvernement Provisoire de la Republique Algerienne
GPRAGovernment Performance and Review Act
GPRAGovernment Procurement Reform Act (Philippines)
GPRAGeneral Practice Registrars Australia
GPRAGrand Prairie (Texas)
GPRAGeneral Practice Registrars Association (Australia)
gPRAGeneralized progressive retinal atrophy
GPRAGrande Prairie (Alberta, Canada)
GPRAGeneral Pool Residential Accommodation (India)
GPRAGrillias Pirc Rosier Alves (architecture firm; Irvine, CA)
GPRAGrants Pass Resource Area (Medford, Oregon)
GPRAGrand Prix Riders Association
GPRAGeneric Packet Rate Algorithm
GPRAGreater Peoria Regional Airport (Illinois)
GPRAGriffin Park Residents Association (London, UK)
GPRAfactor G pathway reactive activity
GPRAGreat Plains Rodeo Association
GPRAGlobal Phenolic Resins Association
GPRAGesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen eV (Germany)
GPRAGreater Pittsburgh Rabbinic Association (Pittsburgh, PA)
GPRAguinea-pig right atria
GPRAGlider Pilot Regiment Association (UK)
GPRaGas Permeance Rate, argon
GPRAGround Penetrating Radar Array
GPRAGlobal Paramedic and Rescue Academy (Sharjah, UAE)
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During the 2000 presidential race, Al Gore's transition team planned to keep and re-up GPRA, borrowing some of the ideas from then Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley's new CitiStat program to create a comprehensive, government-wide, data-driven performance management tool.
PROPOSALS The OMB guidance documents--notably EO 12,866 and Circular A-11 (which includes GPRA guidance)--incorporate many key principles of performance management and regulatory analysis that are well grounded in scholarly literature.
Nonetheless, GPRA has surpassed expectations and defied its critics.
GPRA codes for a protein appears at different levels in the lungs of people with and without asthma, the researchers yesterday reported in the journal Science.
While each of the previous federal initiatives have been regarded as falling short of achieving their intended goals, as part of its analysis of GPRA implementation, the General Accounting Office (GAO) has stated that it is important to recognize that each of the initiatives have provided a significant contribution to the reform movement.
ARL, depending on how one analyzes the Defense Department's organizational chart, is 5 to 10 levels down from where the actual GPRA reporting responsibility resides.
Even Carol Browner, the EPA administrator, recently said that if GPRA is properly managed it will be a good tool, but, she said, if it is poorly managed it could "become a problem.
OMB has asked that the spring performance report required under GPRA be incorporated into an "accountability report," which will also include a set of financial and auditing reviews required under other pieces of legislation.
But GPRA will work only if Congress takes an interest in it.
Le conferencier entame sa communication detaillee de l'evenement en affirmant que [beaucoup moins que]la creation du GPRA, le 19 septembre 1958, au Caire, est un evenement grandiose qui a consacre la renaissance de l'Etat algerien.
GPRA also requires agencies to submit annual performance reports that provide information on their progress in meeting the goals.