GPSNGeorgia Parent Support Network
GPSNGlobal Professional Singles Network (dating)
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Since December 2007, GPSN has secured client reservations on nine properties at
We believe the GPSN will help patient safety professionals accelerate their work to improve patient safety.
The GPSN is a community of providers from around the world - US, UK and Canada - sharing knowledge about how to improve patient safety in a private, secure and near real-time environment.
in a new area for GPSN, which is Great Britain with a tourist
GPSN currently offers products in the Caribbean, Portugal, Albania,
The Directors believe that GPSN has continued to make further progress
Galileo, the bi-monthly financial newsletter issued by GPSN, has continued to
Galileo, the monthly GPSN financial newsletter, has continued to gain
as suppliers experience constricted cash flow GPSN has the ability to
In early 2008, a new contract was signed with a developer to enable GPSN to
generate revenues of approximately Euros 34,000 to GPSN.
In April 2008, the number of GPSN clients doubled to 43 active