GPSSAGeneral Pensions and Social Security Authority
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Al Qubaisi also praised the vital role of the GPSSA, through its support of pensioners, contributes to the stability of society and promotes noble values that underpin the very fabric of UAE society.
For his part, HE Mohammed Saif Al-Hameli expressed his delight at the signing of the SLA and the opportunity to cooperate with a reputable institution like SCAD, adding that GPSSA cooperation is driven the Authoritys realization that statistical contribute to sound decision making, thereby supporting the Governments development plans being put into effect by our wise government for the for the common good of the nation and the generation to come.
Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs and Deputy Chairman, Head of Executive Committee, GPSSA.
In order to register employees, an employer must register itself with the GPSSA and on doing so will be provided a registration number, akin to an account or identification number.
If the employer is not already registered with the GPSSA, perhaps because the employer has not previously employed UAE or GCC nationals, it is useful to begin the registration process as early as possible to avoid delaying the employee's registration.
Penalties are assessed on a case by case basis by the GPSSA (acting where necessary on behalf of the relevant pension authorities in the other GCC countries.
Employers are permitted to deduct the employee's contribution from their salary on a monthly basis in order to remit the relevant payment to the GPSSA along with its own contribution.
Where pension contributions are paid late, the GPSSA may impose fines against the employer which are calculated at the daily rate of 0.
It is therefore possible that an employee who was not registered during the course of employment with the employer to make a valid claim for contributions either directly or via the GPSSA.
The ADRPF does not manage the pensions on behalf of GCC nationals and this responsibility still lies with the GPSSA.
The decision aims at establishing working relationships that would boost stability and enhance cooperation between the Dubai government and the GPSSA in a way that would contribute to achieving the satisfaction of insured customers.