GPSTGlobal Positioning System Tester
GPSTGranite Peak Ski Team (Wausau, WI)
GPSTGerman Poop Shelf Toilet
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We calculated the ART of the single satellites for the reference position of the station LORC and the reference time day 131, 16:47 GPST (the time of the earthquake).
The timespan of interest is DOY 131, 15:30 to 17:30 GPST.
Between 16:47:43 and 16:47:50 GPST the station mainly undergoes movements in radial direction with amplitudes up to 2 cm.
George Davis, President & CEO of GPST, stated "Shell Oil's contract buyer will start testing GATCO's interactive UltraTrack(TM) units in those areas where the cell tower infrastructure is available to support this system.
GATCO is looking forward to expanding our sales throughout the world in conjunction with GPST.
The test systems, known as GPSTs, are used by customers to design, integrate and evaluate Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers with existing aircraft electronic systems.
The Hill, Honeywell and McDonnell Douglas GPSTs include the capability to support and test the new Embedded GPS/Inertial (EGI) navigation systems now being delivered to U.
Pass/Fail is used to confirm compliance with mandatory obligations and the numerical scoring system is used to evaluate how the Bidder~s offering meets the Contract Management, Quality Management, GPST engagement, Mobilisation Planning and Value for Money expectations of the Commissioner.
The East of England currently has a lead employer model for all GPSTs, and for all PH Trainees.
Contract notice: Health Education West Midlands GPST Lead Employer.