GPTAGeorgia Professional Tennis Association (est. 1977)
GPTAGeneral Property Tax Act (Michigan)
GPTAGateway Plaza Tenants' Association
GPTAGuangdong Post and Telecommunication Administration (China)
GPTAGuinea Pig Thoracic Aorta (animal anatomy)
GPTAGeorgia Pinhoti Trail Association
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The specific language contained within GPTA requires the training to "support the mission essential tasks for which the training unit providing such training is responsible [and to] be with a foreign unit or organization with equipment that is functionally similar to such training unit.
Therefore, JAs advising commanders on employing GPTA for future missions should work closely with the staff during the military decision making and planning process to ensure that any recommended course of action is closely tied to the unit's mission essential task list.
The GPTA monomers have been synthesized in order to change their affinity with water.
We have synthesized various GPTA in order to have different behaviors with water (see Table 4).
45 in cash on closing the sale of GPTA and will receive an additional $286,267.
We are pleased that the owner of GPTA has made a personal commitment to our success by purchasing our share of GPTA and entering into a 5 year exclusive distributorship agreement with GPT.
Newbridge Networks is providing us with a highly scalable, reliable platform that enables us to significantly reduce our operating costs and, unlike our competitors, offer a broad range of premium quality voice, data and multimedia services across a single, unified platform," said Cui Xun, director of GPTA.
Its unmatched flexibility and scalability enables GPTA to meet the growing demand for high performance data services, and to seamlessly link corporate customers with government agencies within the province and throughout China.
This planned expansion will include an extensive array of Cisco AS5800 access servers, capable of providing 15,000 access ports for all GPTA Internet dial-up customers.
By consolidating lower speed data lines onto a single, broadband multiservice backbone, the new network will also enable GPTA to dramatically cut capital and operating costs, while providing the flexibility to meet future growth in demand for data connectivity.
After extensive evaluation of 15 companies, GPTA selected the DAGAZ Technologies division of INC based on its comprehensive end-to-end solution and its excellent track record in Asia.
The IN services will be introduced by GPTA throughout the Guangdong Province in the next few months.