GPTAGeorgia Professional Tennis Association (est. 1977)
GPTAGeneral Property Tax Act (Michigan)
GPTAGateway Plaza Tenants' Association
GPTAGuangdong Post and Telecommunication Administration (China)
GPTAGuinea Pig Thoracic Aorta (animal anatomy)
GPTAGeorgia Pinhoti Trail Association
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The grant of GPTA comes with a considerable amount of congressional oversight.
43) Based on the lessons learned from the JCET reporting procedures, JAs should take the following steps to ensure proper cost accounting for GPTA activities:
We have synthesized various GPTA in order to have different behaviors with water (see Table 4).
In this case, the contact angle method can not differentiate between the two grades of GPTA in a static condition (Table 5).
From the beginning, FORE Systems has provided a wide range of networking solutions to GPTA, including FORE's TNX ATM equipment which serve as the network's backbone switching infrastructure.
Our long-standing relationship with the GPTA affirms the robustness of FORE's ATM network solutions as a platform to support multiple services such as Frame Relay," said Yudan Jin, FORE Systems' Vice President/Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region.
45 in cash on closing the sale of GPTA and will receive an additional $286,267.
Newbridge Networks is providing us with a highly scalable, reliable platform that enables us to significantly reduce our operating costs and, unlike our competitors, offer a broad range of premium quality voice, data and multimedia services across a single, unified platform," said Cui Xun, director of GPTA.
This planned expansion will include an extensive array of Cisco AS5800 access servers, capable of providing 15,000 access ports for all GPTA Internet dial-up customers.
By consolidating lower speed data lines onto a single, broadband multiservice backbone, the new network will also enable GPTA to dramatically cut capital and operating costs, while providing the flexibility to meet future growth in demand for data connectivity.
After extensive evaluation of 15 companies, GPTA selected the DAGAZ Technologies division of INC based on its comprehensive end-to-end solution and its excellent track record in Asia.
We will continue to ensure that our sales, marketing and engineering teams will work closely with both Aristocrat and GPTA to deliver quality products and service.