GPTEGeneral Purpose Test Equipment
GPTEGuinea Pig Tracheobronchial Epithelial
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List of key industry participants: Dovebid, Alternative Test Equipment, Ascent4, Cooke International, Display Electronics, eTest Direct, GPTE International, Instrument Resale, Isis Electronics, Livingston UK, M & B Radio, Optical Test and Calibration, Telford Electronics, TELNET, Test Equipment Solutions, Testwall, TICS Intl (Test Instrument Computer Services), Transtest Equipment Limited, Surf on Site Electronics, Metaf, TELES Sas di Calandri Roberto, TLC radio di Magni Mauro, EUMES european measurement, Helmut Singer, HTB Elektronik, Instrumex, MBMT Messtechnik, Rosenkranz Elektronik, Steigerwald, CONSULTAIR, Leasametric, Microlease, tarn electronics SARL, Technitelec, Telogy, Agilent Technologies
The Company manages, rents, leases, buys and sells new and used GPTE equipment, such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, to a broad customer base for signal generation, measurement, display and analysis in their research, development and production activities.