GPTMCGreater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
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In this case, the whole definitely equals more than the sum of its parts, and we are proud to work with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, GPTMC and the PCVB to promote Philadelphia as a premier arts and culture destination.
Led by GPTMC, the effort includes a series of press trips for journalists from major national and Canadian publications to promote Philadelphia as a year-round art destination.
GPTMC will also spread the message on the ground, in the air and on the playing field through Southwest Airlines, USAirways, Amtrak and the Philadelphia Phillies.
In addition, the grand-prize winner will also receive free gifts from the GPTMC, which will include tourist guides and other Philadelphia information.
it has been very well received," said Jeff Guaracino, of the GPTMC.
The project came about last year after Linda Swain presented "The Philadelphia Song" to GPTMC to incorporate it in their marketing campaigns.