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GRABGalactic Radiation and Background (Satellite)
GRABGround Retractable Automobile Barrier (vehicle-halting security system made by Enidine Inc.)
GRABGaussian Ray Bundle
GRABGang Reduction Analysis Bulletin
GRABGFP Recognition After Bleaching
GRABGood Referral Award Bonus Program
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He looked very dubious; but I made a grab at his arm, and he under- stood at once I meant him to steer whether or no.
Supposing,' he would say, stating the case with his key on the professional gentleman's waistcoat; 'supposing a man wanted to leave his property to a young female, and wanted to tie it up so that nobody else should ever be able to make a grab at it; how would you tie up that property?
Supposing she had, say a brother, say a father, say a husband, who would be likely to make a grab at that property when she came into it--how about that?
I went into a cafe to -- and while it was being mixed I asked the man who grabs up your hot Scotch spoon as soon as you lay it down what he undcrstood by the term, epithet, description, designation, characterisation or appellation, viz.
The initial feedback from kids, teachers, and parents about Math Grab has been great.
Grab Water A / S and grab Water Wastewater A / S provider pursuant to European Parliament and Council Directive no.
SikaBond Ultimate Grab exhibits superior adhesion properties and at its core, was developed with Sika's elastic technology allowing maximum bond flexibility and recovery for a long term durable bond.
Complementing extensive news coverage in Business, Sports, Entertainment and World News already available on One News Page, the news portal website now also includes Grab Media's premium video content in those categories, sourced from a wide collection of professional sources.
The crooks grab Kate, and Triton follows in almost superhuman pursuit.
There was a movement of her hand going down there but I didn't actually see her grab them.
Whether moving recyclable commodities around the facility or performing actual demolition tasks, grapples, grabs and buckets are among the most useful tools available.