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GRAILGALEN (Generalised Architecture for Languages, Encyclopaedias, and Nomenclatures in Medicine) Representation and Integration Language
GRAILGravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (US NASA)
GRAILGraphics and Imaging Laboratory (University of Washington)
GRAILGene Recognition and Assembly Internet Link
GRAILGrid Research and Innovation Laboratory
GRAILGeospatial Research and Information Laboratory (Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ)
GRAILGene Related to Anergy in Lymphocyte (immunology)
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Grail is building its capabilities in Asia to develop tests for the early detection of cancers prevalent in the region.
Donna Quinn in Chicago Catholic Women: Its Role in Founding the Catholic Women's Movement and Marian Ronan and Mary O'Brien in Women of Vision: Sixteen Founders of the International Grail Movement reverse the tide in volumes that provide rich data for future scholars to analyze.
It follows two opposing factions of mages and their summoned Servants as they clash in an unusual Holy Grail War.
The sale of the GRail business forms another significant part of Glencore's debt reduction program.
The Pythons' 1975 spoof of the search by King Arthur and his knights for the Holy Grail was followed by The Life of Brian, which saw the comedy team taken to task by churchmen in a TV debate.
The Monty Python's Flying Circus gang pictured during the filming of The Holy Grail - John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Neil Innes
The Grail Path guides the creative and emotional person through a mystical transformation that calms the emotions and brings clarity to the mind.
Some say the cup is the Holy Grail - Christ's chalice at the Last Supper.
Peirano approaches this by studying the role of the Grail in a novel by Williams, War in Heaven, and his cycle of Arthurian poems.
Shocked landlady Di Franklin said: "I was amazed to see so many police - they said they had been given information that this Holy Grail had been shown off by someone here.