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GRAINGenetic Resources Action International
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GRAINGenetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology (future technologies)
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You can also look for the black-and-gold Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grains Council, which certifies that a product contains at least 8 g of whole grains per serving.
The grain yield is directly and indirectly influenced by these factors and the main aim of a breeder is to estimate the extent and kind of association between grain yield and is contributing traits.
To counter these barriers, tap into your retail dietitians, who can educate shoppers about the health benefits of whole grains, advise recommended amounts in a healthful diet, help shoppers identify whole grain foods, and encourage consumption by highlighting familiar options like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice and popcorn.
Getting a whole grain, in general, is great, and if you want to go with intact grains, you can do that, too," Kirkpatrick says.
Intact grains generally have fewer calories by weight than processed whole grains, simply because the unprocessed grain is bulkier.
Both cooperatives reported strong financial results this past year and see their East Oregon Grain Growers venture as a strategic alliance to strengthen their respective grain operations and logistics.
0 grains shown for the 55-grain Nosier Ballistic Tip is only a half-grain over the starting load, but recoil and noise are modest, accuracy is top drawer and the power level is plenty for coyotes.
In simple terms, grain refining is the process of adding nucleating material to the melt to initiate grain growth.
The FDA has not defined "whole grain," so you may find some packages with misleading labels.
corn going into ethanol this year represent nearly one sixth of the country's grain harvest but will supply only 3 percent of its automotive fuel.
At least 8 grams of whole grain per serving, according to the food industry.