GRAPGenerally Recognised Accounting Practice (South Africa)
GRAPGuard Recruiting Assistance Program
GRAPGray Partridge (bird species)
GRAPGroupe de Recherche en Ambiances Physiques
GRAPGhana Research and Advocacy Programme (also seen as G-RAP)
GRAPD-Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
GRAPGlobal Research and Assessment Program (US DoD)
GRAPGRB2 (Growth Factor Receptor-Bound 2) Related Adaptor Protein (genetics)
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Studies on oral care interventions in critically ill patients have typically focused on the products used to clean the oral cavity and the frequency of oral care (Berry, Davidson, Masters, & Rolls, 2007; Cutler & Davis, 2005; Munro & Grap, 2004).
Mary Jo Grap, PhD, RN, FAAN, Nursing Alumni Distinguished Professor, School of Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA
Grap and colleagues (2006) studied 20 intubated children in a PICU between the ages of 1 month and 14 years comparing movement and the scores obtained on the Comfort B Scale, and their relationship to depth of sedation.
Yield grap analysis between dry and wet season rice crop grown under high-yielding management conditions.
Ministry of Women Development Secretary Batool Iqbal Qureshi informed the committee, that the project of GRAP was initiated in 2005 to help and improve the status of women through fiscal, political, legal and institutional reforms in the government structures at the federal, provincial and district levels, to ensure gender equality in the society.
Sharing her views as a guest speaker, Senior Programme Officer Aurat Foundation, Saima Munir, said that GRAP is an agenda for gender reforms within an overall governance structure and maintained that rules of business of all departments should be reviewed and gender analysis and resource section should be set up in all departments.
Hannah Grap, director of corporate marketing at Language Weaver, a machine translation provider based in Los Angeles, agrees.
Sheila Grap, the district's manager of library information technology, reports that prior to the project, the district was spending $146,000 a year for one database at the elementary school level.
Ook die kasus (gevallestudie), grap en raaisel kom by herhaling voor.
Roedd hi'n cydnabod ei bod hi'n cyffredinoli, mae gan rai o'n disgyblion ni (a'n hathrawon o ran hynny) grap reit dda ar y Gymraeg a rheolau gramadeg, ond mae'n debyg nad oedd llawer o'r rheiny yn y pentwr papurau gafodd Meg.
Grap et al, (15) for example, took 506 measurements in 170 randomly chosen ICU patients and found a mean backrest elevation of 19[degrees].