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GRASPGlobal and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership
GRASPGreat Apes Survival Project
GRASPGreedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure
GRASPGeneralized Regression Analysis and Spatial Prediction
GRASPGroupe de Recherche sur les Aspects Sociaux de la Santé et de la Prévention (French: Health and Prevention Social Research Group)
GRASPGraduate School Applications
GRASPGraphic Animation System for Professionals
GRASPGeneral Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns (applying UML and patterns)
GRASPGeneral Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception
GRASPGreat Ape Survival Partnership
GRASPGraphical System for Presentation
GRASPGraphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures, and Processes
GRASPGraphical Representation and Analysis of Structural Properties
GRASPGreece Residents Assisting Stray Pets
GRASPGenomic Research on Atlantic Salmon Project
GRASPGravitational Radiation Analysis and Simulation Package
GRASPGreat Ape Standing and Personhood
GRASPGastroenterology Research on Absorptive and Secretory Processes
GRASPGrasp Assessment System
GRASPGrid Assessment Probes
GRASPGRP1-Associated Scaffold Protein
GRASPGeneric Search Algorithm for the Satisfiability Problem
GRASPGovernance Reform and Sustainable Partnerships
GRASPGrief Recovery After a Substance Passing
GRASPGreater Resources for After School Programming
GRASPGrassRoots Association for Student Power
GRASPGraduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
GRASPGOOS Regional Alliance for the Southeast Pacific
GRASPGreater Atlanta Small Business Project
GRASPGraphic Service Program
GRASPGreat Apes Survival Programme
GRASPGraduate Association of Students in Psychology
GRASPGaining Retention and Achievement for Students Program
GRASPGuided Reading and Summarizing Procedure
GRASPGONG Reduction and Analysis Software Package
GRASPGrapple, Retrieve and Secure Payload
GRASPGradient-Accelerated Spectroscopy (NMR spectroscopy)
GRASPGrasp Analysis and Planning Research
GRASPGrass Roots Awards Sponsorship Program
GRASPGraduate Student Placement
GRASPGeneral Reflector Antenna Software Package
GRASPGeologic Resource Assessment Program
GRASPGraphical Reduction and Analysis SANS Program
GRASPGrid Application Service Provision
GRASPGeneralized Retrieval and Storage Program
GRASPGradual Aggregative Syntactic Praxis
GRASPGeneric Retrieve/Archive Services Protocol
GRASPGenetic Range-dependent Algorithm for Search Planning
GRASPgeneral retrieval and sort processor (US DoD)
GRASPGroupe de Recherche et d'Analyse Sociétale en Psychologie économique (French)
GRASPGraduate Retention in the Automotive Sector Project
GRASPGraduate Research Assistant Scholarship Program
GRASPGammon Ranges Scientific Project
GRASPGlobal Resource Application Service Provider (Wheatley ASP solution)
GRASPGang Reduction Aggressive Supervision Parole (New Jersey Parole Gang Supervision Program)
GRASPGroup for Research and Analysis in Statistical Physics
GRASPGlendale Recreation After School Program
GRASPGenetic Racing Ability & Stud Performance
GRASPGoals, Relationships and Successful Paths
GRASPGuilford Response and Action for Safer Premises (UK)
GRASPGeneral RF Applications Software Package
GRASPGiving Rural Adult a Study Program
GRASPGod Revealed at St Paul's
GRASPGroup Risk Analysis Support Program
GRASPGroningen Association for PhDStudents
GRASPGiven Required Analysis Solution Paraphrase (problem solving strategy)
GRASPGreenland Arctic Ocean Shelf Project
GRASPGlobal Resonance Ascension for Spiritual Pioneers
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Tightly as I clung I felt the rope slipping, slipping through my grasp.
Instead I took a firm grasp upon the rail with my left hand and drew my dagger.
The death of William, the execution of Justine, the murder of Clerval, and lastly of my wife; even at that moment I knew not that my only remaining friends were safe from the malignity of the fiend; my father even now might be writhing under his grasp, and Ernest might be dead at his feet.
I was possessed by a maddening rage when I thought of him, and desired and ardently prayed that I might have him within my grasp to wreak a great and signal revenge on his cursed head.
If she could only grasp it, all would be made clear.
With these words, the man tore the volumes from his grasp, and struck him on the head.
But Maggie became conscious that as she was slackening her hold her father was beginning to grasp her and lean on her.
Grasp a recognized object with the robotic arm, including cases where the grasping scene contains obstacles.
No unborn child should be subjected to the brutality of having her arms and legs torn off with steel tools that grasp, tear, and crush," said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life.
Nor do babies (one shown below) manage signature seahorse tail grasps, even though they have the basics of the adult shape.
In addition to making special discounted offerings of its products available to ABC Global's agency members, Grasp will work alongside its management team to help ABC Global and its members create new efficiencies and identify new opportunities to further grow their business.
1: The customer's gun hand firmly grasps frame, trigger finger straight and above the triggerguard, while support hand "saddles" the slide, thumb toward shooter.