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GRATISGhana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service (est. 1987; Tema, Ghana)
GRATISGeorgia Registration and Title Information System (motor vehicle information database; Georgia Department of Revenue; Atlanta, GA)
GRATISGamma-Ray Arcminute Telescope Imaging System (balloon experiment; US NASA)
GRATISGhana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Research
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This was an unforeseen extra, as was Jimmy's gratis full-length--(it will be in this year's Academy) of Penfentenyou, who has returned to his own place.
At which words, without taking any leave, she flung out of the room; for the lower sort of people are very tenacious of respect; and though they are contented to give this gratis to persons of quality, yet they never confer it on those of their own order without taking care to be well paid for their pains.
The next day I sent him his fine sword and cane gratis, and demanded nothing of him, but I had no mind to see him, unless it had been so that he might be satisfied I knew who he was, which he was not willing to.
You're one o' the adwice gratis order,' thought Sam, 'or you wouldn't be so wery fond o' me all at once.
The three new Gratis sites -- each of which can easily be found through FreePay's home page, http://www.
Previous to joining Gratis, Charlton was executive vice president, strategic development, mergers and acquisitions for InPhonic Inc.
By providing consumers with a unique and valuable incentive, you can drive quality new customers to large online advertisers, and the easier you make it for people to acquire those free goods, the more people will come to your sites and try your offers," Gratis co-founder Peter Martin said.
Buy a TV, and the networks would come to your home, gratis.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading online customer acquisition firm Gratis Internet announced today that residents of Germany can now obtain a totally free Apple iPod by using FreePay, Gratis Internet's free online payment method.
Scads of stars swung by HBO's Luxury Suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to snag some free undergarments and other pre-Emmy gratis goodies.
Single copies of the document are available gratis until that date from the FASB order department by calling (203) 847-0700, ext.
WASHINGTON -- Gratis Internet, whose customers include AOL, BMG, Video Professor, and USA Today reported 2003 revenues of $4.