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GRBGamma Ray Burst(er)
GRBGeneral Purpose Rename Buffer
GRBGraduate Recruitment Bureau
GRBGender Responsive Budget (various organizations)
GRBGraduated Retirement Benefit (UK)
GRBGrape Root Borer (insect)
GRBGrid Resource Broker
GRBGharb (postal locality, Malta)
GRBGlobal Resource Broker
GRBGlobal Resource Bank (communal bank)
GRBGrootschalig Referentiebestand (Dutch: large scale mapping program)
GRBGreen Bay, WI, USA - Austin/Straybel Field (Airport Code)
GRBG. Ray Bodley (High School)
GRBGreen Red Blue
GRBGovernment Retirement & Benefits, Inc.
GRBGeneral Revenue Bonds
GRBGlobally Responsible Birthing
GRBGlobal Relationship Banking
GRBGranatbuechse (German WWII anti-tank grenade rifle)
GRBGeophysics Research Board
GRBGovernment Reservation Bureau
GRBGolden Radio Buffs of Maryland (old-time radio)
GRBGrand Rose Band
GRBGeneral Radio Broadcast
GRBGabriel Richard Building
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The visible-light afterglow from GRB 000301C appears to have passed through such a lens: Instead of rapidly fading, the light remained bright.
The particles in some GRB jets have been clocked at speeds exceeding 99.
It was apparently diverted to GRB because of bad weather," the airport wrote on (https://www.
During this time, mxfSPEEDRAIL has proven to be a critical part of the ingest workflow, having a major role in the process that allows GRB to continue its endeavor to challenge viewers with programming geared to the highest common denominator.
The research enabled contrasting statistically that the supernovas associated with GRB emit greater quantities of nickel compared to those not linked to GRB.
The astronomers concluded that the best explanation for the unusual properties of GRB 130925A was that it heralded the death of a metal-poor blue supergiant, a model they suggested likely characterizes the entire ultra-long class.
Secondary data includes a selection of academic literature and key country documents, including among others the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) of Mozambique (Planode Accao para a Reducao da Pobreza Absoluta, PARPA II), Aide Memoires of joint reviews, Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Mozambique and the (general) budget support donors and documents related to GRB activities in Mozambique.
These observations show that GRB 130427A is the longest, most energetic such explosion on record.
This shows it can happen close to home and it''s the closest full-powered GRB," the professor said.
MoF Budget Director Ahmad Massoud Kamal noted that workshop marked the first step that MoF and UNDP is taking together to formalise GRB.
On 27 May 2013 the most violent GRB ever detected, at 94 billion eV (94 GeV), was picked up and monitored by the GRB network.
At 07:50 UT the GRB was detected at magnitude 12 by a 0.