GRBSGreek, Roman and Byzantine Studies (journal)
GRBSGardeners' Royal Benevolent Society (Perennial; Leatherhead, Surrey, England, UK)
GRBSGrand River Bead Society (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
GRBSGIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) Rofel Business School (India)
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the myth of Chloe', Humanitas 21 (1997): 3--16; 'Longus and Thucydides: a new interpretation', GRBS 39 (1998): 429--40.
A Survey of Greek Defixiones Not Included in the Special Corpora,' GRBS 26: 151-197.
Proceeds of the CSCDA 2010 series A bonds (CSCDA series A) will be applied by the authority to purchase 2010 series Y GRBS (series Y, unrated), pursuant to a purchase agreement between UC and the authority, the proceeds of which will finance a 350-bed student housing facility at UC-Merced.