GRBSGreek, Roman and Byzantine Studies (journal)
GRBSGardeners' Royal Benevolent Society (Perennial; Leatherhead, Surrey, England, UK)
GRBSGrand River Bead Society (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
GRBSGIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) Rofel Business School (India)
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Strict, frequent and regular GRBS monitoring was done throughout the hospital course of the patient (Graph 1).
GRBS was monitored hourly, IV fluids were started, and antibiotics were started in view of premature rupture of membranes and chest x-ray findings and first day investigations were done.
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I renew a suggestion made in GRBS 10 (1969), 277-86 (cf.
Proceeds of the CSCDA 2010 series A bonds (CSCDA series A) will be applied by the authority to purchase 2010 series Y GRBS (series Y, unrated), pursuant to a purchase agreement between UC and the authority, the proceeds of which will finance a 350-bed student housing facility at UC-Merced.