GRCBGlobal Retail and Commercial Banking
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A compelling Premier proposition and a clear Liabilities strategy are both fundamental to underpinning the future success of the GRCB Emerging Markets Retail business," said Vinit Chandra, Chief Executive, GRCB Emerging Markets.
GRCB Emerging Markets serves more than 3 million customers and employs more than 21,000 colleagues.
Entering this partnership with ALDAR, the premier real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, allows us to offer our customers greater choice as they seek to invest in the UAE real estate market or purchases a home for their family,C[yen] stated Michael Miebach, Managing Director, Barclays Bank, GRCB, MENA.
Operating in more than 50 countries and employing more than 107,000 people, Barclays GRCB comprises UK Retail Banking, Barclays Commercial Bank, Barclaycard, Absa (Barclays Bank PLC owns 58,8% of Absa Group Limited), GRCB Emerging Markets and GRCB Western Europe.
Mango is a UK-registered charity and the partnership is across Barclays GRCB's emerging market entities, Barclays GRCB said.
Barclays Plc has confirmed the resignation and said, 'Samir has made a great contribution to the establishment of Barclays GRCB (Global Retail & Commercial Banking unit) in India, and has successfully led Barclays' operations across the whole India & Indian Ocean region.