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GRIBGridded Binary
GRIBGuaranteed Retirement Income Benefit (finance)
GRIBGroupement des Radios Indépendantes en Belgique
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OCENS WeatherNet will provide customers with the capability to access some 20,000 weather related products including; weather charts, satellite imagery, sea surface temperature, sea surface height, currents and other ocean data, text reports and a vast collection of specialized gridded binary (GRIB) weather and ocean products through OCENS GRIB Explorer software.
Typically, this data comes from myriad sources load sensors, real-time weather information, downloaded GRIB files, wave data and tidal and current updates.
GRIB IT A GO HERO: Darren Gribben beats Stuart Walker for the Bo,ness winner then takes the praise, inset
Zeus comes in an 8in or 12in screen, on which can be overlaid a chart of the area, instrument readouts, weather (using GRIB files uploaded via a USB port), sail navigation showing laylines and headings, and a Broadband radar display.
1) The GRIB option is available for an additional annual charge of 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply of GRINDING WHEEL(DIAMOND)OD=12" ID=1" WIDTH=2" GRIB NO.