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GRILGlobal Resource Investments Ltd.
GRILGenome Rearrangement and Inversion Locator (bioinformatics software)
GRILGroupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Limnologie et en Environnement Aquatique (French)
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Gril shows the continuity between Ibn Masarra's and Ibn Barrajan's hermeneutics.
The next seven chapters all address authors from the seventeenth century, which Denis Gril in the preface calls a "period of crisis for Sufism as well as the whole Ottoman world.
Adar sydd wedi eu haddasu ar gyfer byw ar y mr ydyn nhw ac yn bwydo ar gril, pysgod a'r mr lawes.
The Casual Games Summit aims to present a global vision of the key forces driving the sector's growth, with sessions including a discussion with Rebel Monkey's Nick Fortugno and Joju Games' Juan Gril about the key innovations of 2007, "The Year in Casual Game Design," and a talk about the rising variety of markets for casual games with rmbr.
00, is a multifunctional ovent hat can bake, broil or toast and has a gril, griddle and skewers.
The ratings of GRIL are based on its excellent risk-adjusted capitalization, experienced management team and the disciplined implementation of its business plan.
Sur le gril, El Maliki ne veut, cependant, pas lacher prise et a procede, peu avant son allocution televisee, a un deploiement des forces dans des zones strategiques de Baghdad quadrille.
Our favourite recent book - Gone Gril - has been made into a film, with Ben Affleck (above) and Brit Rosamund Pike (right).
Met opgetrekte kniee sit die kind / en gril verruk vir elke nuk / van die wonderdiere wat hy uitdink .
The increase in density for the RCPB3-75 specimens results in acoustic bulking that increases the molecular cohesion and reduces internal friction in particleboards, making velocity, attenuation, and RMS voltage measurements invariant to the 50 percent and 70 percent RH conditioning regimens, consistent with the findings of Norimoto and Gril (1993).
The Company has requested the removal of the "e" at the end of its stock symbol and resumption of trading under the symbol GRIL.