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GRIPSGraduate Institute for Policy Studies (est. 1977; Toyko, Japan)
GRIPSGöttingen Risk, Incidence, and Prevalence Study (Germany)
GRIPSGround-Based Infrared P-Branch Spectrometer (atmospheric physics)
GRIPSGeneral Relation-Based Information Processing System
GRIPSGCM (Global Climate Model)-Reality Intercomparison Project for SPARC (Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate)
GRIPSGenerated in Real Time Instant Product Statistics
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As soon as this case was disposed of, there came into court a woman holding on with a tight grip to a man dressed like a well-to-do cattle dealer, and she came forward making a great outcry and exclaiming, "Justice, senor governor, justice
I chose 1911 grips, emailed pictures of my two wonderful dogs to Handmade Grips and my 1911 grips came back with Red on the right panel and Wolf on the left panel.
This differs from S&W--as well as other brands--in that the grips are not replacement backstraps or enlarged palmswell panels (like the HK VP9, for example).
When I first examined the bushings from Challis Grips (ChallisGrips.
It significantly minimized the kicking and twisting we got with the larger wood grips.
These new game improvement grips allow golfers to fully release the club and generate maximum club-head speed through impact.
To install the grips remove the "frame insert pin" at the top rear of the LCP (a simple punch is all you need to drive it out), install the HandAll and push in the slightly longer frame insert pin supplied with the grip.
Gun manufacturers slowly figured out customers didn't like "splinter grips" as they came from the factory, so Smith & Wesson, Charter Arms, Ruger, Taurus and even Colt began to furnish neoprene grips from the factory.
A For me it's easier to make grips for a semiauto pistol but a revolver such as the old Dan Wesson was more adaptive to the hand of the shooter.
Grips can vary in angle from a low wrist position to a high wrist position and can vary in width and shape.
THE function of the grip is to hold the club and connect the club with the body.