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GRKG Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase
GRKG Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase (enzyme)
GRKGray Army Airfield (Airport Code; Ft Hood, Texas)
GRKGreen River Killer
GRKGoshin-Ryu Kempo (karate style)
GRKGoju-Ryu Karate (Japanese martial arts style)
GRKKilleen-Ft Hood Regional Airport (Texas)
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GRK Fresh Greek is a franchised business, launched in new York in 2012, with the first outlet opening in Dubai at the end of 2015.
Commenting on the upcoming Burjuman launch, Foodmark general manager fast casual division Andres Gonzalez said: "We are pioneering Greek urban food in the fast casual segment of Dubai and are proud to be expanding the GRK group of restaurants in the region with the addition of our second opening in BurJuman Centre.
The new mall features 56 retail outlets, with some new to the UAE, including 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, British fashion brand Cath Kidston and food and beverage retailer GRK Fresh Greek.
7 Ma was reported for a few decimetres thick granite vein in the Telsiai shear zone of the Proterozoic basement of West Lithuania (well Girkaliai-2, Grk in Fig.
yami) or to the reduplicated present *yiyana--(< *ii-ih2-mh1no-, as in Grk.
Besides the Vostok-Geoldobycha, the Kyrgyzaltyn state-owned company and Aldanzoloto GRK, which is a branch of the Polyus Gold.
Newiak gratefully acknowledges financial support from the German Research Foundation through GRK 801.
Inc 4053 GreCon, Inc 4358 GREX Power Tools 4857 GRK Fasteners 4164 Grupo Alvic/Lioher Enterprise 4633 Guangdong Saca Precision Mfg.
GRK Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, MARG Group who envisioned this world class architecture institute says, "To deliver true potential of real estate space and planned infrastructure, India needs 396,000 architects and 119,000 planners over the next decade.
Grk 'was a small dog in a big world so he was used to confusion.
And if I wanted a nice glass of Grk, I found pointing to it on the menu saved everyone's blushes.
6380% Firm Dates Premium Div Grk Diff Price Change Citigroup 01/17/07 3.