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GRLGeophysical Research Letters
GRLGreenland (ISO Country code)
GRLGraffiti Research Lab (New York)
GRLGlobal Resource Locator
GRLGlobal Research Laboratory (South Korea)
GRLGrazinglands Research Laboratory (USDA; El Reno, OK)
GRLGuided Reading Level
GRLGross Rail Load (transportation)
GRLAir Greenland (ICAO code)
GRLGlobal Reach Laydown (US DoD)
GRLGuaranty Residential Lending, Inc
GRLGrain Length
GRLGross Requirements List
GRLGeneral Residual Life
GRLGlobal Requirement List
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At the close of business on 27 July 2016 the price of GRL shares was 2.
Like many great traditions that become ingrained in camp culture over time, the GRL lends its success to one part planning and three parts organic growth.
The new GRL study also builds on a 2011 study led by Solomon showing stratospheric aerosols offset about a quarter of the greenhouse effect warming on Earth during the past decade, said Neely, also a postdoctoral fellow in NCAR's Advanced Study Program.
We believe that the GRL Number will become an essential element of
It doesn't matter if you don't know your building's GRL number.
GRL is further expanding into manufacturing of 2 & 3 wheeler tires at the current location in Ludhiana.
Ninety per cent of the UAE's buildings have already been mapped and assigned a GRL and this will be an ongoing mapping process.
The Greek Rich List can be purchased directly from the GRL website (www.
GRL es un enfoque de Ingenieria de Metas para la especificacion de sistemas de software, que tambien permite modelar procesos de negocio flexibles; en las fases tempranas, toma en cuenta la gestion sistematica e intencional de metas, tanto funcionales como no funcionales, desde el punto de vista de la nocion de la intencionalidad distribuida, que hace enfasis en el cumplimiento de metas por los actores.
The Image Analysis unit in the GRL has developed objective methods for automated inspection and quality assurance of pulse grains, cereal grains, flour, and milled products for color and speckiness.
The members and pledges of SPB and GRL put a face to gay Greeks in a way that hasn't been done before," says Shane Windmeyer, coproducer of the movie and coeditor of the book Out on Fraternity Row: Personal Accounts of Being Gay in a College Fraternity.
The session "Field Testing and Instrumentation" presented by Michael McDonough, Geokon, Lebanon, and New Hampshire, discussed the availability of new instrument and challenges installing them in the field; Paul Bullock, GRL, Gainesville, FL, discussed the advances and challenges in instrumenting piles.