GRLIGlobally Responsible Leadership Initiative (Belgium)
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This will include making knowledge and expertise developed by the GRLI accessible to EFMD and AACSB members, as well as participation in GRLI's pipeline of projects and its various international events.
GRLI and its members continue to play key roles in the ongoing development and enhancement of PRME.
This will be the first GRLI General Assembly hosted by an academic institution in the US.
The GRLI call for action aims at re-enforcing the strengths of our entrepreneurial system while correcting its defects and the financial excesses of the system.
Anyone wishing to express their support for the GRLI manifesto can do so on line at http://www.
The mission of the GRLI is to be a catalyst to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders.
GRLI is a foundation of public interest based in Belgium with the purpose of developing a new generation of globally responsible leaders through the development and support of worldwide projects and initiatives.
Pierre Tapie, Chairman of the GRLI Board, Dean and President, ESSEC (France & Singapore)