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GROKGenealogical Relations of Knowledge (University of Kent at Canterbury; UK)
GROKGraphical Representation of Knowledge Laboratory (University of Iowa)
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Grok, Talk, Walk, Rock-Constellating a Choreography for Four Generations on the Integral City Dance Floor
Filmed in Northern Ireland and Malta by Television 360, Grok Television, Generator Entertainment and Bighead Littlehead, Executive producers, David Benioff, D.
In addition to the newspaper ads, animated South Park style commercials created by the GROK ad agency appeared on local cable channels, and the store used special "Managers Gone Wild" plastic bags.
Nolong dam at the cost of $180 million will be constructed in Jhal Magsi, wonder dam valuing Rs $32 million in Lasbella, Grok dam at the cost of $22 million in Kharan and Paller dam at the cost of $ 35 million in Awaran.
What both capture is a sense of the sexual revolution as a product of middle age, a phenomenon not strictly of the baby boomers but of people just a few years older, still young enough to grok the counterculture but too old to commit to it in earnest.
This word, grok, coined by speculative fiction writer Robert A.
Thomas is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and director of the GROK (Graphical Representation of Knowledge) Laboratory at the University of Iowa.
com, then all you do is enter a search phrase and click the Grok button.
We have become like a trade show for the consumer and the trade," Horowitz continued, pointing to high-end Grok, Vibia and Leucos displays.
Faced with a B- or a C or a D at the bottom of an exam or paper, the student always had a choice: continue without fundamentally changing his habits of mind, his sense of his potential as a learner, or seek to understand why his work was still unsatisfactory and strive to grok what that eccentric professor was trying to get across.
The electronic newsletter Media Unspun is coming from the same folks who produced Media Grok, a now-defunct spin-off of the equally defunct Industry Standard, both published by Standard Media International.
San Francisco, CA) and the former editor of International Data Group's now-closed Media Grok magazine, has begun the publication of Media Unspun, an electronic newsletter designed to cover the media business.