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GROMGrupa Reagowania Operacyjno Manewrowego (Polish: Shunting Operations Response Group; military; Poland)
GROMGrupa Reagowania Operacyjno Mobilnego (Polish Special Forces unit)
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With the newly released GROM-USB2P Android integration kit for some Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, GROM Audio brings Android integration to these vehicles.
Established in 1991, the GROM focuses mainly on counterterrorism operations.
In order to make the best gelato in the world, using only top quality ingredients the first GROM shop was opened in Turin by friends Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti in 2003.
The greatly wanted political pluralism in the country is turning into chaos of parties and unions, Vele Mitanoski concludes for Dnevnik and adds that GROM of Stevce Jakimovski can shine as much as it wants but it will not shine through Gruevski while Buckovski will be disciplined so much that he will not be recognizable.
VMRO-DPMNE could get one seat more than GROM and don't be dependant by anyone no more.
GROM leader Stevco Jakimovski congratulated the candidates that qualified for the second election round yet stressed the excessive number of invalid ballots.
Zoran Popovski, the presidential candidate of GROM, said his political party was the force to free the citizens of Macedonia from fear.
The aim of the project Study of munitions on safety, operational reliability and durability evaluation is to develop the evidence base for action by the person function, directing the operation of rockets class zp type GROM, OSA, KUB, NEWA and WEGA, a decision concerning the determination of rules to ensure the safety and reliability assessed products during handling, storage, transport and use as intended and to identify periods of their further use.
In the promotions of the other two candidates - Iljaz Halimi and Zoran Popovski- it is evident that the focus changes according the position of their parties - PDSH and GROM - at that particular moment in the overall political constellation in Macedonia.
Zoran Popovski, the presidential candidate of GROM, promoted his election program in Gosti-var on Tuesday.
The massive support from our citizens has engendered our idea of putting the focus on the citizens rather than on the political parties, said Zoran Popovski, the presidential candidate of the GROM coalition, which held its first rally in the Skopje quarter of Karpos 3 on Monday.