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GROMGrupa Reagowania Operacyjno Manewrowego (Polish: Shunting Operations Response Group; military; Poland)
GROMGrupa Reagowania Operacyjno Mobilnego (Polish Special Forces unit)
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La madre y la mujer de Victor Manuel no sabian realmente quien lo tenia, si el GATE, el Grupo de Armas y Tacticas Especiales Municipal (GATEM) o el grupo de elite GROM que operan indistintamente en la zona.
With the newly released GROM-USB2P Android integration kit for some Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, GROM Audio brings Android integration to these vehicles.
Established in 1991, the GROM focuses mainly on counterterrorism operations.
GROM leader Jakimovski, who doesn't hide that he was the organizer of the protest, said Wednesday that the past two days showed how inextricable the link between the people and institutions was.
Yet, some people are stunned that VMRO-DPMNE and BDI, PDSH and GROM sat down in the parliamentary seats and unanimously elected the president.
s German subsidiary, Grace Holding GmbH, has acquired GROM ANALYTIK + HPLC GmbH, which will join Grace's Davison Specialty Materials unit.
Residents living nearby, on the other hand, complain about all the trash the protestors are making and accuse GROM leader Stevco Jakimovski of having organized a rally without taking care of the public space.
Only the lists of PDSH and GROM have been submitted thus far to the Anticorruption Commission and according to Dragan Malinovski, former member of the Anticorruption Commission, the parties could be sanctioned for failing to submit the financial reports.
Following, LDP and DA, perhaps the third time would be the charm for new options, such as GROM and 'Positive Macedonia,' or other parties that will offer an alternative.
Ahmeti's party stated that it is not afraid of Thaci joining the Government instead of them because the Prime Minister's combination- some of SDSM's MPs to cross over to GROM, which would provide him a two-third majority in the Parliament, failed.
He thanked all those that voted for GROM, the party he said was the third largest option in the Macedonian political bloc.