GRPCGun Rights Policy Conference
GRPCGenetic Resources Policy Committee
GRPCGulf Regional Planning Commission (Gulfport, MS)
GRPCGlasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church (Bear, Delaware)
GRPCGlobal Reach Planning Center (Scott AFB)
GRPCGunter Regional Processing Center
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76) During the twenty-third session of the GRPC, held in March 2008, general guidelines addressing centers' distribution of materials for purposes other than conservation, research, or training for food and agriculture were being drafted.
Saeed Bin Houfan Al Mansouri, Vice-Chairman of the GRPC, gave away the trophies in the presence of GRPC's Assistant Managing Director Salem Abdullah Salem Al Shamsi, Executive Secretary Hassan Nasser Al Deen, Administration and Finance Manager Hisham Mohammad Ahmad and Equiworld's Arun Menon.
The GRPC was in San Francisco, where under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act I was legal to carry, but being out of state and not on official police business, had to comply with local laws such as California's stupid 10-round magazine limit.
The resolution put on the record the GRPC delegates' opposition to government-mandated firearms training and their support for rolling back existing requirements where feasible.
The 2014 GRPC will feature more than 60 speakers on subjects ranging from politics to personal protection.
Saeed Bin Houfan Al Mansouri, representing GRPC, said: "The Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club is ideally situated and we will be providing all the support needed to make this international event a great success.
This will be the first time in its history that the GRPC is held in the Sunshine State.