GRPPGlass Reinforced Polypropylene (plastic resin)
GRPPGraduate Research Partnership Program (University of Minnesota)
GRPPGovernment Relations and Public Policy (various organizations)
GRPPGlicentin-Related Pancreatic Peptide
GRPPGeorgia Rail Passenger Program (commuter railroad)
GRPPGun Rug Pistol Pouch
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In addition to its level-specific advantages, the GRPP program also provides association benefits, including invitation to all members to community networks, including online groups.
The GRPP program underlines the importance we place upon our resellers, who play a vital role in our continuous success in the region," Sharma continued.
Furthermore, the GRPP program also opens up an opportunity for resellers to become 'Tripp Lite Power Specialist' thereby enabling them to retail Tripp Lite's line of power protection with more ease and profitability.
The distance between the center of the post-type monopole and the center of the GRPP is 15.
An investigation of the radiation pattern characteristic of the post monopole using an SILSP and a GRPP has shown them to be similar to a conventional monopole.
However, the proposed antenna using a GRPP reduced the distortion of radiation pattern, as illustrated in Figure 5.
Compounding for GRPP composites was performed on a Berstorff 40 mm twin screw extruder.
With the GRPP blends and impact modified nylon samples, no processing irregularities were encountered.
In two recent ANTEC papers, Karian (3, 4) discussed the interfacial adhesion in GRPP systems and how increased intermolecular entanglement between the polymer and chemical coupling agent, which is also reacted with the filler, improves mechanical properties.