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GRPSGrand Rapids Public Schools (Grand Rapids, MI)
GRPSGreater Rochester Perennial Society (New York)
GRPSGeneral Radio Packet System
GRPSGreen Room Production Services (Dallas, TX)
GRPSGeosynthetic Reinforced Pile Supported (embankment engineering)
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A qualified dedicated team from the GRPS division oversees the automated operational, administrative and financial processes of all the departments of Dubai Government; based on financial, administrative and legislative best practices adopted in the emirate.
Mohammed Karzoun, Director of GRPS at Dubai eGovernment, said: "Departments and employees recognize the importance and effectiveness of the new system.
The card will provide all normal features such as GRPS data, on-line back office functions, real time itemised billing, global call forwarding and call recording.
Anglia, a UK electronics distributor, announced on 16 October that it has signed a distribution agreement, covering the UK and Ireland, with Cinterion, a manufacturer of GSM and GRPS modules.
Where available this is supplemented with launch dates as well as details about GRPS, EDGE and 3G statuses, such as UMTS, HSDPA and CDMA2000.
com drastically reduced international cell phone GRPS data rates in most European countries.
Its base stations will also be installed, supporting GRPS data transfer function in the Krasnodar Region.