GRRBGwich'in Renewable Resource Board (Canada)
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Having little idea of the late-winter characteristics of the moose population, the GRRB considered two options: (1) conduct a low-intensity survey of a large area of interest; or (2) conduct more intensive surveys of areas identified by Gwich'in as having relatively high densities of moose.
The GRRB chose option (2) and consulted RRCs and hunters who use the area.
The Gwich'in land claim requires that the GRRB conduct a harvest study to estimate the number of animals harvested in the GSA by Gwich'in.
These are perhaps the best harvest data that the GRRB has available.
When considering methods for the Gwich'in harvest study, the GRRB rejected mail-in questionnaires because they did not expect many returns.
The GRRB has been gathering information from Gwich'in Elders about traditional uses of wildlife, which it makes available to resource management agencies to assist in wildlife studies.
The GRRB has recently published a book on traditional knowledge (Gwich'in Elders 1997) that contains information on about 20 fish and wildlife species.
The GRRB is also working on a database of traditional knowledge based on interviews of Gwich'in Elders that began in the late 1970's.
The GRRB makes it clear that the Elders retain intellectual ownership over the information, and may dictate how the information is used.