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GRRLGreat River Regional Library
GRRLGulf Region Roller League (Pensacola, FL)
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Scholarship winners were selected by the GRRL Tech Committee for their exceptional scholarship essays addressing the questions: "Describe a time when science, technology, engineering or math has influenced your life and how this has inspired you to pursue a career in STEM.
Sponsors: GRRL Tech is presented by Tech Collective, Rhode Island's Industry Association for Information Technology and Bioscience.
Farinha was selected by the GRRL Tech Committee for her enthusiastic scholarship essay addressing the topic of using STEM to "Go Green.
However, with the generosity of our business professionals and the RWU staff, faculty and scholarship award, GRRL Tech aims to change this fact, providing girls with the resources, role models and forum to learn about the STEM fields and how they apply to everyday lives and careers.
GRRL Tech encourages these young women to explore science and technology careers, two areas in which the University is well positioned to share its expertise.
By writing zines, forming bands, playing shows and starting labels, riot grrls have made punk rock more female-friendly, easing the way for women as both producers and consumers in this arena.
The Riot grrls emerged in the early 1990s as an effort of female punk-rock banks, such as Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and 7 year Bitch.
packed new and old fans alike--from aging punk rockers who supported the band in its earliest days to a new generation of riot grrls inspired by the same message.