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GRTHGeneralized Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
GRTHGonadotropin-Regulated Testicular RNA Helicase
GRTHGetting Ready to Help (educational publication)
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In our cases, the patient with GRTH was clinically euthyroid while the patient with PRTH had hyperthyroidism symptoms such as palpitation, weight loss and alopecia.
By running the data for fixed effect model, In Table 1, the coefficients of most of the variables are significant at 1 percent level of significance, the variable LGRTH is positive and highly significant to our dependent variable GRTH.
Much of the blame for GRTH is linked to thyrotoxins.
Those with GRTH appeared to be eumetabolic and those with PRTH, hypermetabolic, based on restlessness and tachycardia.