GRTVGross Residual Tumor Volume
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They claim that the act of giving the tape to GRTV to air constituted public exposure.
Because GRTV has declined to comment, Koning spoke to B&C as chair of the Alliance.
Greg Renker, Co-Founder of Guthy-Renker, commented, "TVN is perfectly positioned to maximize the distribution potential of GRTV.
GRTV Network and the re-branded Panda Shopping Network will be kept as separate channels, but TVN will achieve economies of scale for both networks in terms of production.
Michael Wex was most recently President and Chief Executive Officer of GRTV Network, which he helped launch in 1995.
TVN will also expand its e-commerce activities by creating a major Internet presence that will complement and broaden the products offered via GRTV Network and its re-branded home shopping network.
Scheduled to begin this fall, the TCI agreement will allow GRTV Network programming to be carried by any TCI or affiliated system, expanding the channel's carriage by a planned four million by year's end and a possible six million further subscribers in 1997.
Launched in February 1995, GRTV Network now boasts agreements with the top three cable operators in the U.
This joint strategic alliance will allow GRTV Network as a programmer and TCI as a distributor to control their own destinies," continued Wex.
For GRTV Network, it will add to the channel's current base of 15 million cable and satellite subscribers.
Just as TCI has redefined cable television, GRTV Network is making efforts to redefine and expand the distribution of direct response television programming.