GSARGround Search And Rescue
GSARGeorgia Search and Rescue (coastal task force)
GSARGlobal Search and Replace (computer command)
GSARGirl Scouts of Appleseed Ridge (Ohio)
GSARGovernment Search and Rescue
GSARGeneral Services Administration Regulations
GSARGross Sick Absenteeism Rate
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These outcomes indicate that the GSAR model is the appropriate model of the three for consistent and more efficient results.
GSAR Estimation for Equation 4 with the Log-Odds Ratio of the Migration Rate as the Dependent Variable Coefficients (t-statistic absolute Variable values) Economic [freedom.
The Air Force must outlay funding for GAS and GSAR commensurate with its spending on air dominance and SEAD.
The Greater New York REALTOR/MCI Connection is an MCI affinity member program that GSAR is hosting for REALTOR associations statewide to offer members 5 to 20 percent savings on MCI's feature-rich long distance telecommunications services.
Raytheon is marketing a similar system under the designation Gsars (Ground Surveillance Airborne Radar System), with changes (such as the choice of vehicle for the ground station) to suit the individual customer.
GSARS is the export version of the United Kingdom's Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR) system.
Leveraging more than 30 years of UAV ground control and intelligence-processing ground station experience, Raytheon will examine ways of integrating its Tactical Control System (TCS) onboard the GSARS aircraft and ground stations for the control of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems' family of UAVs.