GSASGraduate School of Arts and Sciences
GSASGeneral Structure Analysis System
GSASGlutamate Gamma-Semialdehyde Synthetase
GSASGrinnell Students Against Scurvy
GSASGraduate Students in Arts and Science
GSASGlobal Status Accounting System
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We expect that GSAS clients will benefit from State Street's robust and flexible global servicing platform that is scalable for funds of all types and sizes.
GSAS is unique in catering for specific typologies such as sports and mosques.
De Petris: I worked as sustainability manager for KEO Sustainability, which was appointed as client's representative - GSAS Certified Green Professional (CGP) - for the construction verification of the GSAS certification process administered by GORD.
Speaking at a press conference on Sunday Founding Chairman of GORD Yousef al Horr said "The new version of GSAS is the most comprehensive global assessment system.
The team whose research plan is chosen receives research fellowships to carry out its projects at GSAS member institutions.
GSAS is unique in catering for specific structures such as sports venues, mosques, schools, hotels, hospitals, railways and even whole neighbourhoods.
Saab explored four globally recognised certification programmes: LEED (from the US), BREEAM (from the UK), estidama (from Abu Dhabi), and GSAS (from Qatar).
As an institution that is working tirelessly to promote environmentally responsible energy and resource efficient building best practices in the MENA region, today in a press conference at Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena, Qatar Olympic Committee & Gulf Organization for Research & Development inaugurates Qatar Olympic committee stadiums for achieving GSAS 4 stars.
Dara is also a sustainable project with a three-star GSAS rating.
The parties agreed to develop a general framework for coordination to teach and integrate GSAS into the university's education curricula to raise awareness about sustainable building practises and encourage optimum consumption of energy, water and environmental resources.
The forum's partnering organizations include: BioExec Ventures LLC; GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club; LaVoie Strategic Communications Group Inc.
Bimtec's managing director Ramzi Abu Qamar says that with the new green building regulations in Qatar the industry has no option but to comply with the GSAS model and that generally, retro-fitting is not big in Qatar: "We demolish rather than refurbish," he says flatly.