GSLAMGigabit Services Line Access Multiplexer
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As the centerpiece of the company's extensive metro optical end-to-end transport solution, the LightStack GSLAM complements the LightStack MX and MXA transport and access platforms deployed in remote hub sites or premises.
Generally available today, the LightStack GSLAM is already deployed in a "top five" cable operator network and is in trials with another operator.
The LightStack GSLAM allows us to scale these services across a contention-free shared facility to any distance.
The LightStack GSLAM combines service scalability and high performance with carrier-grade reliability to completely redefine the ability to deliver Optical Ethernet services from existing networks.
The company's products, including the LightStack GSLAM, currently provide the optical transport for On Demand services passing close to 4.
As cable operators increasingly move to offer additional, value-added services over their existing infrastructure, the LightStack GSLAM represents an ideal platform to cost-effectively consolidate the transport of multiple services, including VoD, broadcast and HDTV, CMTS backhaul, IP cable telephony and business services (VPNs, Ethernet Private Lines, etc), onto a unified metro optical network to reduce transport costs, as well as network and traffic engineering complexity.
The LightStack GSLAM delivers the best of both worlds.
The LighStack GSLAM is a NEBS-compliant, 9 RU chassis-based platform with eight service module slots.
Designed for full interoperability with existing network management systems and procedures, the LightStack GSLAM supports standard element and network management system interfaces, including Transaction Language 1 (TL1), Tri-lingual SNMP Agent (v1, v2, v3) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).