GSLBGlobal Server Load Balancing
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offering the most affordable, reliable and scalable managed DNS and GSLB solution in the world, today announced that AudienceScience (formerly Revenue Science), the only company worldwide to offer both an audience technology platform and a targeting marketplace, has selected the Dynect Platform.
AppBeat DC's GSLB functionality allows organizations to improve application availability and avoid costly application disruptions.
Global Server Load Balancing: For customers who require load balancing and high availability across Web sites or server farms hosted in multiple data centers, the Foundry GSLB directs customers to the location with the fastest response time.
GSLB capability allows server load to be distributed across servers that are not in the same physical location.
The DX platform uses advanced DNS-based algorithms for GSLB functionality to determine which data center can respond to a client's request most quickly, based a combination of round-trip times and data center capacity.
ChinaCache, the World's Second-Largest Content Distribution Network (CDN) Service Provider, Selects Array's GSLB Solution to Enhance the Availability, Security, and Performance of Its Nationwide Network
For the first time, enterprise organizations and service providers alike gain access to a single solution that combines high-performance GSLB, server load balancing (SLB), SSL acceleration, caching, and hardware-based compression in a single, cost-effective appliance.
ChinaCache, the world's second-largest Content Distribution Network (CDN) service provider, has already selected Array Networks' GSLB solution.
For our national rollout of 51 service nodes serving prestigious customer Web sites, Array's GSLB solution offers the best value for performance and functionality at an affordable price," said Song Wang, president, ChinaCache.
Until now, even large organizations have shied away from the high price tag and complexity associated with GSLB offerings," said Michael Zhao, president and CEO, Array Networks.
Array's massive GSLB performance headroom sealed the deal for ChinaCache.
1, with the introduction of the industry's highest ROI GSLB implementation, integrates yet another powerful tool designed to help companies cost-effectively protect and maximize their investment in Web infrastructure and enterprise applications.