GSLTGraduate School of Language Technology (Sweden)
GSLTGwinnett Student Leadership Team (Lawrenceville, GA)
GSLTGreen Sod Land Trust (Ireland)
GSLTGlobal Second Level Trigger (physics)
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1999) refers to Mesarovid and Takahara; GSLT is based on their input-output concept and is expressed by means of category theory concepts.
Linguistic & Paralinguistic Phonetic Variation in Speaker Recognition & Text-to-Speech Synthesis // Term paper for course in Speech Technology, GSLT, 2001.
Glover received an: -- Award of Excellence for Special Events, Internal or External - "85 Years of Innovation" -- Award of Merit for Writing/Recurring Features or Columns - "From the President" -- The Susan Komen Foundation's Maureen O'Donnell received two Awards of Merit: -- Award of Merit: Annual Reports - "Pathways to a Promise" -- Award of Merit: Newsletters - "Frontline" -- Kimberly-Clark Corporations' Shannon Frederick and Angie McCoy won an Award of Excellence for Multi-Audience Communication - "Global Business Plan" -- Kimberly-Clark Corporations' Shannon Frederick won an Award of Excellence for Writing/Personality Profiles - "The GSLT Profile Series" -- Pat Chamberlain and Cindy Turek of The WHO Foundation and BeautiControl Inc.