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GSM-RGlobal System for Mobile Communication - Railway (European Railway Wireless Standard)
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In 2004, Nortel began the GSM-R digital wireless communications network trial for the Ministry of Railways creating the first test track in Asia supported solely by GSM-R.
To the delight of the Ministry of Railways, the Quality of Service (QoS) of our GSM-R technology exceeded ETCS (European Train Control System) Level 2 specifications and requirements.
It increases our GSM-R market presence to seven countries.
GSM-R provides uniform transmission of voice and data between the train conductor, the train crew and operations management groups, and between the train dispatching staff and station personnel.
As one of the early adopters of the International Union of Railways (UIC) standard for railway communications, Jernbaneverket began to roll out GSM-R over its rail network, which includes 700 trains, 3,800km of track, and 650 tunnels, in August 2003.
Jernbaneverket will use the ORGA Systems/Sentori solution, which is comprised of ORGA Systems' "Over the Air" (OTA) SIM Profile Management system and Sentori's 3G Billing and Customer Care system, to provision, manage and bill for GSM-R services.
The deployment of GSM-R is a key element to upgrading the French railway infrastructure and to its interoperability with other European networks," says Jean-Michel Richard, director of RFF railway infrastructure.
GSM-R technology was developed in an EU-funded MORANE (Mobile Radio for Railways Networks in Europe) project in which Siemens mobile has played a part since the beginning.
Under an agreement announced today, Nortel Networks will supply Kapsch CarrierCom with a complete network infrastructure solution -- including GSM-R compliant radio base stations and switching equipment -- to connect Slovak Railways to the railway communications networks of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
GSM-R is a GSM based communications platform and is currently being adopted as the new European standard for railway communications.