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GSoCGoogle Summer of Code (student code-writing program)
GSOCGerman Space Operations Center
GSOCGopher State One Call (Minnesota)
GSOCGainesville Sports Organizing Committee, Inc. (Gainesville, FL)
GSOCGraduate Students of Color (various locations)
GSOCGeorgia Systems Operations Corporation (Tucker, GA)
GSOCGirl Scouts of Ocean County (New Jersey)
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Two-thirds voted "Yes" to a question on whether GSOC should join the BDS movement until Israel complies with international law and respects Palestinian rights.
The TWI Program has been providing military personnel with exposure to GSOC at Pfizer for about a decade.
Our GSOC initiative is equipped to analyse billions of events every day and protect hundreds of its customers regionally and globally from cyber risk," Firosh Ummer, Managing Director, EME, Paladion Networks, said.
In this situation, GSOC chose to target the complainant, demanding seizure of the recording device (which of course contained confidential research data); refusing all attempts at mediation (including deletion of the research data under mutually acceptable circumstances); carrying out lengthy and hostile interrogations not only of the complainant but also of a trade union representative who had accompanied staff when the device was handed over; threatening criminal proceedings over the eventual deletion of the data; and releasing an interim report riddled with inaccuracies (Hederman 2012).
GSOC developed an emergent strategy to better cope with these conflicting missions as it realized that it had limited ability to shape its future.
In the only version of this concept thus far enacted into federal law, legislation was enacted in 1978 authorizing a for-profit GSOC to enable Alaskan citizens to acquire British Petroleum's stake in the TransAlaska Pipeline Service Corp.
In the only version of the GSOC thus far enacted into federal law (in 1978), a for-profit GSOC was designed to enable Alaskan citizens to acquire British Petroleum's stake in the trans-Alaska pipeline system.
Notwithstanding these issues, the GSOC remains an effective means of achieving widespread capital ownership through the privatizing of public assets without confiscating the property of the wealthy and without creating a monolithic socialist state.
To make the GSOC part of the IEWCS "system of systems," the team gave the command center the IEWC's intervehicular Mission Equipment Control Data Link (MECDL) in addition to the normal Tactical Reporting Data Link (TRDL) connection.
The GSOC solution integrates multiple, third-party security technologies to provide a cost effective and scalable security solution that allows customers to monitor and protect people, property and assets using fewer resources.
its GSOC with a new state-of-the-art facility in India and linked the GSOC with
Twisted Pair has extensive, global experience providing GSOC communications capabilities for defense, public sector and commercial organizations, including those in the Fortune 500," says Tom Guthrie, Twisted Pair's President and CEO.