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GSOHGood Sense Of Humor
GSOHGood Salary Own House
GSOHGood Standard of Hygiene
GSOHGeneral State of Health
GSOHGood Set of Hair
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GSOH "Would Love to Meet" runs at the Customs House from October 22-25.
Shapely Ankle Preferr'd' illustrates how lonely hearts ads have developed in style over the centuries to become full abbreviations and metaphors, such as GSOH and WLTM, today.
The researchers think that the findings could be the reason why so many lonely heart ads placed by women list GSOH (good sense of humour) as a prerequisite for a partner.
The 52-year-old is offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Royal Ascot for her chosen gentleman, who must be single, over 40 years old, possessing a GSOH and a top hat.
com and start wading through emails from divorcees with a GSOH.
Spitz are presenting the Fit and Fashionable Show in aid of the Tyne and Wear Autistic Society at 7pm on Friday in the Queen's Hall, followed by GSOH by Peter Drake at 7.
You have only to look at the female to male personal ads where 82% of females are looking for a GSOH (good sense of humour).
Simon Hall's GSOH for female voice, tape and live electronics, with soprano Steve Halfyard adding virtuoso irony, proved a tour de force of musical theatre where Berio meets the concept of Michael Torke's The Yellow Pages.
FOOTBALL manager for hire - vast experience in the game, knows a thing or two about scoring goals, media savvy, GSOH, willing to work for a few quid less than my peers and happy to go quietly when, like the rest of the Herberts, I inevitably mess things up.
NEW The Undateables C4, 9pm It's difficult for any of us, even with a GSOH, to get out and find romance, but for people with physical and mental health problems, it's harder.