GSPHGraduate School of Public Health (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania, USA)
GSPHGeneral Store Publishing House (Burnstown, Ontario, Canada)
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The three doctoral programs within the GSPH are well established.
The CHHS and the GSPH are both highly diverse as well.
The GSPH encourages diversity content in its educational programs as well.
The GSPH has extensive community involvement through student internship programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Technical expertise is sometimes provided directly by faculty members on a consulting basis, but the GSPH also recognized early on the need for more substantial formal opportunities to work with community organizations.
The GSPH has graduated and placed significant numbers of professionals in the healthcare industry in the San Diego region and elsewhere.
Parenthetically, the current university president's previous role as a vice president for research assures his extensive knowledge of, and experience with, university and faculty research, the single most notable achievement associated with adding the GSPH to the university and the most important facilitating role of the SDSURF.
The GSPH has been a stimulus through faculty campus-wide and inter-institutional collaboration on health services research, epidemiology, and other scientific inquiry.
For example, on the state side the GSPH instructional, operational, and equipment budgets are perhaps $3 million per year, but the total budget including research activities approaches $25 million per year.
The development and growth of both the GSPH and the SDSURF has paralleled SDSU's own maturation.
By this measure the GSPH faculty have been reasonably productive.
That two separate entities were so effective in the instance of SDSU, and facilitated the growth of the research program, as illustrated by the GSPH, provides one effective model in one combination of circumstances.